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Restore-U Chiropractic and Massage

Restore-U Chiropractic and Massage

“Our mission is to deliver expert chiropractic care to as many patients as possible through a comprehensive Chiropractic program that alleviates pain, restores optimal health and provides patient education that encourages individuals to achieve the greatest level of personal health possible and inspires them to share the benefits of chiropractic and a healthy lifestyle with those around them.”

Center of Qigong

Healing Touch with Silvia Schlecht

Qigong sessions are beneficial in promoting peacefulness, relaxation, and harmony. In addition, these sessions aid in bringing balance within the body’s energy system, benefiting physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

You In Nature

Forest Bathing with Sue Thompson

Nature and forest therapy is the rediscovery of something we’ve always known – that we are part of rather than separate from Nature. In order to experience this rediscovery we are in the best position if we slow down and become present in the moment in nature.

Pink House Pantry

Pink House Pantry

Nourishing and delicious meals made in a Pink House. A long time ago I was a chef in a fancy restaurant and I’ve always been a home cook of many delicious meals.  I am aspiring to create something that nourishes your heart and belly.

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