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Specializing in Eastern and Western Massage Therapy

All sessions are tailored to the client’s unique issues and goals.

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is on the table, unclothed to your comfort level, under a drape, massage with lotion. The practitioner uses gliding and kneading strokes for purposes of relaxation and to increase circulation. Swedish is very soothing and calming.

Deep Tissue

Deep tissue massage is more than massage with heavy pressure! Deep tissue massage involves very site-specific techniques that access deeper layers of tissues for purposes of rehabilitation and pain relief. This type of massage can be beneficial for clients with a history of muscle injury, overuse of a muscle from repetitive motions, or poor posture. Stretches and range of motion techniques may also be used to help release tight muscles.

Therapeutic Essential Oil Session

Essential oils are organic aromatic compounds that come from plants (petals, leaf, bark, stem, peel), which have healing, therapeutic properties. This therapeutic aromatherapy session involves the application of 8 different doTERRA brand essential oils (single oils or blends). Oils are applied to the back and feet using light to medium pressure. The oils do the main work here! Benefits include relaxation, stress relief, boosting of the immune system, relief of pain and inflammation, and overall balancing. Application of these oils is offered as a 50-minute session (includes hot foot soak).


Shiatsu is grounded in the principles of Chinese Medicine and literally means “finger pressure” (shi=finger; atsu=pressure). Shiatsu is a clothed massage where the practitioner uses their thumbs and hands on acupressure points (like the ones used in acupuncture) to release and move blocked energy that may be causing pain, digestive issues, sleep disturbance, fatigue, anxiety, depression, etc. In Shiatsu pressing is key. It is believed that pressing on the body is the most effective technique to remove blockages, regulate the nervous system and vital organs and stimulate the acupressure points, etc. The practitioner may also assist the client with stretching and range of motion techniques to improve flexibility. Shiatsu can be very calming as well as energizing.


Get the best of both worlds! Experience a blending of both Asian and Western bodywork approaches in one session. Based on the client’s symptoms and goals, techniques from Swedish, Deep Tissue and Shiatsu are integrated in order to harmonize body, mind and spirit. Combining western massage techniques that lift and separate tissue with the pressing techniques from Shiatsu can be very effective in helping relive pain and tension. Acupressure points that enhance relaxation are also incorporated.

On-site Workplace and Event Massage

We provide fully-clothed seated chair or table massage in the workplace for employees or attendees of a special event (e.g., conferences, holiday parties, book clubs, baby showers). Studies have shown that chair massage can not only reduce stress and improve mood, but can also increase mental alertness and focus. On-site massage is a great way to give your employees or participants at your event the gift of health and happiness! Examples of events where we have provided on-site massage include: Nurses and Teachers Appreciation Week events, High School graduation overnight parties, employee wellness events for University of Minnesota and U.S. AutoForce, Stampin’ Up! craft retreats, and for guests of American Cancer Society Hope Lodge. Contact us for more information. Cost will vary depending on length of time, number of participants, location, etc.

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